Sept. 10, 2007

by Wayne Jacobs
VITA Digital Productions

Welcome to Cardio Walk DVDs, a series of Virtual Walking and Jogging DVDs filmed in scenic locations around the world, that make exercising fun! Customers tell us that using our Virtual Walk DVDs actually encourages them to exercise each day by turning a chore into a joy. And they tell us that using our DVDs permits them to extend their exercise period and increase their speed.

Of course, you should never begin any new exercise routine without first consulting with your physician.

"...went further than I've ever gone..."

“This morning I tried the elliptical and went further than I've ever gone, so I might have to increase my goal!! :-). I truly believe watching a program that makes me feel like I'm there has made all the difference. Kudos to you both, Robyn ”

"...from a chore to a delight!"

“I have purchased three of your DVDs and loved them. They have literally changed my treadmill workouts from a chore to a delight! I am in the process of buying three more, and will most likely be back for even more before long. Kate ”

Our First Virtual Jog

Although we have a growing list of Treadmill Virtual Walking DVDs already available, we just released our first Virtual Jog DVD filmed at an average speed of 12 mph. Filmed in late May of 2007 on Maine's Mt. Desert Island, this new DVD was in response to customers' requests for faster-paced virtual experience DVDs. In June we filmed two virtual jogs in California: the first, an hour long virtual jog through the Hollywood Hills and past the homes of celebrities; the second California virtual jog, filmed in beautiful Beverly Hills. Those two virtual jog DVDs should be ready for release shortly.

More Virtual Jogs are planned

From the enthusiastic response we've already received for our first Virtual Jog DVD, we're already planning the filming of additional features. Future Virtual Jogs include not only many National Parks here in the USA but also Virtual Jogs in Egypt, Italy and Greece.

VITA Digital Productions is committed to expanding our Catalog of Virtual Jogging DVDS. Please check out our DVD Catalog by clicking on "Our DVD Catalog" link in the upper left corner.